Lottery Rules

Every person wishing to become a member of the P.A.F.D. lottery will need to pay an admission fee of $3.00, which will be non-reimbursable. Once the admission fee of $3.00 is paid, the new participant will be a member of the P.A.F.D. lottery. With the exception of:   

the death of a member will automatically exclude him from the lottery.
any member that has been non-active for 12 consecutive months will be excluded from the lottery. 

There will be one draw once a week. 
The draw will take place every Saturday, at 6:00 pm, at the Perth-Andover Fire Department. Any member wishing to assist in the drawing is welcome. 

To be eligible to win, the member will have to have paid the amount of $2.00 for that week. 

The minimum amount of $2.00 will have to be paid by each member no later than 6 hours before the draw, which is Saturday at noon. 
If the winning ballot of a draw belongs to a participant that has not paid his weekly $2.00, the amount would then be added to the next weekly draw. 

The amount to be won each week will be equal to half of the sum raised for that same week.
Only the official dated receipt with the P.A.F.D. logo will be accepted as proof of account paid if an error was to happen. 

Members that voluntarily ask to be excluded from the lottery will have to pay the admission fee of $3.00 should they wish to rejoin in the future. 

All requests for changes or removal are to be emailed to :