Fire Apparatus

Engine 1: 2016 Spartan Gladiator, 1500 Gallon Class A Foam system, 1050 Waterous Pump, Waterous CAFS with pump panel inside apparatus cab,
Seats 6 , 5 with 911 SCBA seats. On board dash camera. First Truck responding to most calls except for grass fires.

Engine 4: 1999 International Crew cab pumper, 1200 gallon tank, 1050 pump Class A foam. On board dash camera, Seats 5, 4 with 911 SCBA seat. Standby engine to Mutual aid calls, forestry calls or structure fires

Rescue 2: 2006 Sterling Heavy Rescue, 7500 Kw generator. 2 sets of Holmatro Core extrication tools, gas detectors, Spare Air bottles, Scene
Lighting, Seats 2, Onboard dash camera. Response to Medical assist and all Calls.

Tanker 3: 2009 Freightliner 2300 Gallon Tank, 1050 Gallon Per Minute Pump, Class A Foam, On board dash camera ,Seats 3 , carries spare air bottles and 2 air packs

Engine 5: 1994 GMC Topkick1100 Gallon Tank, Class AB Foam,1050 Pump, Seats 2 , 1 with 911 SCBA seat

Truck 7 : 2011 Ford F 150 Crew Cab, 4 Door Crew Cab 4WD, On board dash camera, responds to most calls for transportation of members and traffic control on roadways.

Truck 8 : 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe, On board dash camera, 4WD, Used to transport members to and from emergency calls and training functions, traffic control on roadways.

Truck 9 : 2016 Ford F 250, 4 Door Crew Cab, 4WD, seats 6, Onboard dash camera responds to all emergency calls.

Ladder 6 : 1991 Pierce Ladder Truck, 400 Gallon Tank,1050 Gallon Per Minute Pump,100ft aerial ladder with water, monitor, seats 6, 5 with emergency 911 SCBA seats, On-Board dash camera. Responds to  rescues and mutual aid calls to neighboring communities.

Rescue Boat : Nav 19, 15 person crew seating, Garmin GPS navigation system, Two-way radio. First due out for all water rescues.

Rescue Boat : 1993 Zodiac, Two way radio, 4 person crew seating. Second due out for all water rescues.  

Side by Side : 2016 Polaris Ranger 900 XP, Seats 6 Firefighters, Equipped
with tires and tracks, Two Way Radio, On Board dash camera, 4 LED light bars for scene lighting, Cable Winch. Used for all Grass fires and forest fires, assist with mutual aid to neighboring departments.