Lottery FAQ 

Where can I buy tickets?   

Answer: Tickets are available at the following locations:   
Scott’s Independent 
Squeaky’s Irving Convenience 

Q: Can someone under 19 participate in the P.A.F.D. Lotto? 

Answer: Our provincial lotto license does not have an age restriction. It would be impossible for us to ‘police’ an age requirement, and the province in it’s wisdom recognizes that. It would be equivalent to asking for ID for ANY raffle ticket ever sold. 

Q: Can the name of someone under 19 be used and claimed by someone of legal age? 

Answer: The check will be made out to the name on the membership ticket. So if you sign up your son or daughter, the check will be made out in their name. We also require a form of ID when you pick up the check as well to ensure we are giving the money to the correct person. 

Q: Are you allowed to sign up pets? 

Answer: People have asked about signing up pets. The same rule as above applies. If you sign up Fluffy, the check will be made out to Fluffy. Banks require ID so therefore we don’t suggest people sign up their pets for that very reason.

Anyone wishing to change their name, phone number, or to withdraw from the lotto can do so by emailing their details to